Lighting as a Decorating Tool

Lighting as a Decorating Tool

LED Bulbs in Your Home
February 18, 2019

By Laura Davis

It’s officially winter now. A time to typically lay low with nights spent in your living room watching some feel-good TV. At least that’s what I like to do. There’s nothing like curling up on your couch and indulging yourself in some unrealistic TV show. I’ve always gravitated towards HGTV and the renovation shows. I think naturally everyone wants to make his or her home as beautiful as possible. It’s the center of your life and where you spend most of your time. Who wouldn’t want to look at a perfectly decorated and staged home every day? As long as it keeps itself clean!

I love watching the transformations of the homes on TV and it certainly fuels my desire to redecorate my own home. Ideally, I’d have a $50,000 renovation budget to get a new kitchen, powder room and have a professional designer buy the designer furniture. But realistically, my budget is whatever I can scrape up and convince my husband that it wasn’t “that expensive”. What if we could do little updates here and there that made a big impact? Have you ever considered lighting as a decorating tool?

Lighting? As in lights? Of course! As a homeowner and retail lighting store owner, I find the most important thing customer’s want is light. Bright lights. There’s no need to struggle trying to see the recipes in your cookbook or to fumble for the shampoo in the shower. The proper lighting can make your life easier as well as making your home look bigger and more inviting. Here are a few places that you might not have thought to add lighting:

UNDER CABINET LIGHTS. No matter how good the lighting is in your kitchen, there will always be a dark spot under your upper cabinets. It’s just science. Having additional lighting on your countertops will help with prepping, cooking and just living.

SHOWER. This is a definitely a more modern feature and one that most older homes weren’t built with. There’s no need to be showering in the dark anymore. One
wet-location recessed light will do. And while we are in the bathroom, did you know that there are exhaust fans that look like light fixtures? There are also exhaust fans with heat, nightlights and bluetooth speakers. Function doesn’t have to mean ugly anymore.

SCONCES. Ever want a little mood lighting instead of all your lights on full blast? Sconces are a great way to give that effect. A few options for a sconce might be in the dining room for ambiance, the living room for lighting while watching TV or on either side of your bed for reading. A little light goes a long way.

CHANDELIERS. Of course chandeliers are a focal point of any room. A large chandelier over the island is popular as well as over the dining table. Entry way chandeliers highlight tall ceilings and are a nice way to greet guest. There are so many sizes and styles these days that you will certainly find one to add pizazz to your home.

RECESSED LIGHTS. Adding recessed lights is the most popular request I see. Most older homes were not built with more than one center light or a switched outlet. Adding additional lighting to cover the whole room is a nice feature and one that won’t go out of style. This option, however, does require professional electrical assistance. Contact a professional today for a quote.

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