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September 24, 2018
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NuTone Knock Smart Video Doorbell System


Reliable Security
Weatherproof to protect against dust and water
Rated for temperatures as low as –22°F and as high as 122°F
More dependable in extreme weather than the other leading brands

See and Speak to Visitors
See your entire entry area with the 180° view 720p HD camera
Night vision camera for low light conditions
Speak to visitors with two-way audio

Motion Detection
Receive alerts when someone approaches the door
Block out high traffic areas to reduce false motion alerts
Heat sensor prevents nuisance motion triggering from leaves and debris

Do Not Disturb
Set quiet hours to turn on the chime
Make sure visitors do not disturb the baby’s nap, family time or movie night

Keep a Record of Visitors
Record video or take snapshots on demand.
Automatically saves a snapshot whenever the doorbell button is pressed.
To keep recordings on the cloud storage service, Monthly fess of $2 apply.

Easy Installation
Feedback from the doorbell guides you through the installation process, no need to find or replace the transformer.
NuTone Knock will tell you if the transformer voltage is too low.
Connects to existing doorbell wiring, no need to run Ethernet

Fits Your Lifestyle
Viewable on up to four (4) smart phones or tablets
Android and Apple compatible


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