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Simple, Not Plain

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March 5, 2019
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By Laura Davis, Owner of The Light Hangar Company

With all the design styles out there these days, it’s easy to feel like you have to over decorate or commit to a style trend when picking out fixtures. I have plenty of customers who are just looking for general lighting in different areas of their home such as hallways, offices or other open spaces. Often times, the sole purpose of the light is to illuminate the space, not to enhance the décor. There is one light that I have in mind to fit this bill.

LED Flat Panel

An LED Flat Panel is a fixture that sits flush to the ceiling and is less than 1” in height off the ceiling. These fixtures have an LED module built into them that gives off bright, even lighting. The low profile of the fixture makes it an easy addition to any home regardless of the ceiling height. The LED component will not only give you plenty of light, but it will give you cost savings via your electric bill and the longevity of the LED bulb. While the older version of a flat panel was mainly used for workspaces or basements, they are not just for that anymore. You can use them in any area of your home with their rounded edges and clean lines.

LED flat panel’s now come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The standard flat panel is rectangular at 2’x4’, but you now have options such 1’x4’, 1’x2’, 1’x’1 or 2’x2’. The linear version is quite slim in width at only 5.5” and comes in varying lengths of 2’, 3’ or 4’. The flat panels now come in round versions which is very pleasing to the eye. These sizes range from 19”, 15”, 13”, 9”, 7” and all the way down to 5.5”. These 5.5” round flat panels are a great way to mimic the look of recessed lights without the cost of construction to actually add in recessed lights. All you need is an existing box to mount the fixture to.

LED flat panel’s now also come in a variety of colors as well. The traditional white border is still most popular to blend into the ceiling color. There are also color options such as Brushed Nickel and Antique Bronze (Dark Brown). If you are trying to match hardware on your kitchen cabinets or other fixtures in the vicinity, you now have some better options to do so.

Color Temperature
Not only can you pick the size, shape and color of your LED Flat Panel’s, you can now pick the color temperature too! Color temperature is the color of the light emitting from the LED module. For example, a traditional incandescent light bulb will appear more yellow in color. This would represent a 2700K (Kelvin) color temperature and be used in places you want a to feel cozy and warm. Daylight is considered to look like a warm white and would be closest to a 3000K or 3500K color temperature. This is the most common color used today and compliments any natural light you have in your home. A cool bright white would be a 4000K or up to a 5000K color temperature. Most times this color is a personal preference, but it is useful in in work areas where you need to see details clearly.

The LED Flat Panel’s are the most understated of the fixtures on the market these days, but these hidden gems will enhance your home just as much as any decorative light fixture would.

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