The Benefits of Using Your Ceiling Fan in Colder Months

The Benefits of Using Your Ceiling Fan in Colder Months

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November 13, 2019
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It might seem odd to be thinking of using your ceiling fans in the middle of winter as they are traditionally used to cool your home. However, ceiling fans can be facilitated in heating your home when used properly. Here’s how:

LOCATE THE REVERSE SWITCH. This switch will typically be located on the base of your ceiling fan and controls the direction of the blades. To enhance heating, you will need to have it running in the clockwise position during the winter months.

WHY CLOCKWISE? In a clockwise position, the blades will push the air up. This is the key to facilitating a more comfortable room in the heating season. When used in the summer months, blades push the air down creating a wind-chill effect and helping to facilitate evaporation. In the heating mode (clockwise) the air is pushed upward, helping to distribute heat throughout the room.

HEAT DISTRIBUTION. Warm air will always rise and get trapped at the top of a room. Using a ceiling fan will help circulate this warmth around the room. The movement of the blades draws air from around the room and pushes it up towards the ceiling. The force of the air pushes the air at the top of the room towards the wall and outer edges. Then, the air moves back down to the ground. This gentle circulation makes the entire room feel warmer.

ARE YOU SAVING ENERGY? Experts report that homeowners can save as much as 15% on heating costs when they run ceiling fans during the colder months. Due to the improved heat distribution in the room, thermostats can be turned down a few degrees while still maintaining that same warm feeling. The less your heat runs, the more you save.

ENERGY EFFICIENT. To ensure optimal savings and comfort, it’s important to choose an energy-efficient fan. Opt for an ENERGY STAR-rated ceiling fan, which uses better motors and innovative blade designs to lower energy consumption. Running an older, less efficient fan will negate any savings you gained from turning down your heat.

HOW NOT TO USE YOUR CEILING FAN IN WINTER. Unlike your heat, you shouldn’t turn ceiling fans on and let them run continuously. Turning on the celling fans in every room will not help distribute heat throughout your entire home. In most instances, to benefit from ceiling fan use, you need to be in the room to take advantage of the enhanced heating.

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